Le Cool Stick Father's Day

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Third Sunday of June – a date marked yearly for that one person in the family whose identity completes the basic unit of the society. They are either called as Dad, Daddy, Pop, Tatay, Papa, Baba, Otosan or whichever they wished their sons and daughters would tag them. Nonetheless, the so-called fatherhood brings up issues and dilemmas for expectant fathers and in-denial fathers alike.

It is quite amusing that anyone can be a man but not everybody can be a man enough to become a father. To those men who find their selves stable and whole, marrying and bearing a child is the next thing on the list. On the other hand, those who enjoy the spur of the moments in shopping, partying, drinking-till-the-break-of-dawn spree and/or keeping a no-strings-attached affair do the opposite.

Meanwhile, becoming a father and maintaining such a role is quite tedious and exciting especially for a man who never saw his life to change from being single to looking after another being. Not only does his emotional state is being transformed but his whole being.

In the olden times, fathers are solely interpreted as the breadwinner of the family, providing all, if possible, the necessities of his family. From stomachs to be filled up to brains to be trained and geared up. However, today, men’s lives have been lighter as their partners helped them out mostly in the financial aspect. Aside from being a provider, fathers are labeled as the protectors and heroes of their children though mothers can protect their offspring too. It is even said that children who grow up together with their fathers tend to be more confident and adventurous as fathers would teach any child the way a man should be – proud but not conceited and firm but warmhearted.

Problem solving is another significant role of fathers. The cliché, “Wait till your father gets home!” is often used whenever an issue emerged. Since men are known to be fast in making decisions, it is expected that his words are to be followed and respected.

One more, fathers are labeled as the Preparers of their children. Others would tend to overlook this role but little do they know that they serve as guides for their children in maintaining effective authority. As fathers tend to engage in more physical-type of games, children are exposed and skilled how to face the realities of the world.

So, with all the contributions of the fathers, the question is, how do we ever repay them? It’s simple. A hug or a simple handmade card will do. If you are generous enough, you may give them whatever gift they asked for. A friendly tip, fathers would be happier if you buy something that he can use with his beer and wine.